Emergency Preparedness
Are you prepared? Energy emergencies happen every day at home, school, or office. You can easily build a disaster supplies kit to survive on your own with solar rechargeable batteries, lighting, and water purification. Stay in communication, stay informed and be well-lit in an emergency.

Battery Pack + Solar Charger - Solio

At 4.8 ounces this palm-sized device is maximum portability meets reliable off-grid power.
Discontinued November 2017

Alva - USB Powered Lamp - Solio

Designed for efficiency with Solio Battery Packs + Solar Chargers.

Battery Pack + Solar Charger - Solio

More power for more devices! With the most stored power per ounce, this Solio is small but powerful.
Discontinued August 2017

USB or Solar Rechargeable Light - Solio

Offers both white and red light. Never buy single use batteries again.

Battery Pack + Solar Charger - Solio

Maximum solar capture and minimum weight! The large solar surface means fast charge times with daylight to spare.

Power and Light Kit - Solio

Lighting and USB-charging for home, school, or office emergency preparedness.