Solio Parts
Repair parts, cords & adapters for Solio solar chargers and battery banks. Solio designs are created with reparability in mind.

Missed connection(s) - Solio

Replacement parts for discontinued models of the original Solio Classic and Mono models.

Replacement Battery (206-S3200-BAT)

3200 mAh Replacement Battery for Solio Classic2
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MIcro-USB-Cable-Orange- Black-Woven-Nylon.JPG
Braided Nylon Micro USB to USB Male Cable 

With the look of climbing rope this 1 meter Micro USB cable has a colorful nylon wrapping which makes the cord tangle-resistant and very unique.

Replacement Battery (201-S1-BAT)

1800 mAh Replacement Battery for Solio Classic Original, Magnesium or Mono

Replacement Battery (205-S2000-BAT)

2000 mAh Replacement Battery for Solio Bolt and Hub only. Does not fit other models of Solio products.
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Alva - Replacement Lamp - Solio

Replacement Lamp for  Solio Alva USB-powered LED Light
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