USB rechargeable headlamps handpicked and tested by Solio! Ditch the AAA’s for good. USB charging makes it free and easy to replenish headlamp batteries with solar, car cigarette lighter, a laptop, power bank, or USB wall outlet. With most non-rechargeable headlamps, there is no way to tell how close you are to running out of juice but with USB-rechargeable lamps you can easily recharge every day and start each night  with a full charge and piece of mind of how much battery life you have.
354258 Remix
Remix Rechargeable - Headlamp - P-TEC 

Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, rear mounted for balance. Rear flasher increases visibility for running or cycling.  A battery power meter shows charge status at a glance. A micro-USB port allows for charging from Solio solar charger.