USB/Solar Rechargeable LED Light


A Reliable Rechargeable Light for the Whole Family

You might be asking yourself "Are the batteries in my old flashlight good or bad?" With this CLIP-MINI six pack you can put a reliable light in every bedside drawer plus have extras to spare for your bug-out kit, car glove box, tool kit, or kitchen junk drawer. Say good-bye to disposable batteries, and say hello to the Solio CLIP-MINI Solar Flashlight!

Never buy batteries again

With an integrated rechargeable battery, the CLIP-MINI uses the power of the sun to keep it’s battery charged up! When the sun goes down, simply recharge the CLIP-MINI by plugging into the wall via the included USB charging cable.

Five Lighting modes

With five illumination modes: 100%, 50%, 10%, Flashing and SOS, the CLIP-MINI is ready for multiple situations.

Emergency Preparedness

Be prepared for any situation by adding a CLIP-MINI to your emergency kit. The CLIP-MINI’s high quality battery stores power for up to a year so it’ll be ready to go when you need it.

Ready to Go

At only 3.6 oz., the CLIP-MINI is compact and ready to go when you are. Easily clip onto your bag or pack with the built in carabiner.

Built-in diffuser

Slide down the red filter to soften the CLIP-MINI’s beam. When in flashing mode, the diffuser turns the CLIP-MINI into a bike safety light!

Item Number: S333-AF1RW-KIT

Lighting Specs:
  • Max Light Output: 8.4 Lumens
  • Bulb Type: 4 x White LEDs
  • Beam Type: White Spot, Red Flood
Charge Rate: USB (5v-450mA)
  • via Solar: 5-7 hours
  • via USB: 1 hour
Run Time:
A fully charged CLIP-MINI will give you:
  • 3 hours of light in 100% mode
  • 9 hours of light in 50% mode
  • 33 hours of light in 10% mode
Weight/Dims (Each):
  • 6.3 x 2.6 x 0.8 in. - 3.6 oz.
Each Clip- Mini Comes with:
  • Micro USB to USB cable - for charging the CLIP-MINI via USB port or the wall.

USB or Solar Rechargeable Light - Solio

Offers both white and red light. Never buy single use batteries again.

Power and Light Kit - Solio

Lighting and USB-charging for home, school, or office emergency preparedness.

Power and Light Kit - Solio

Lighting and USB-charging for home, school, or office emergency preparedness.