SOLIO Missed connection(s)
Replacement parts for discontinued models of the original Solio Classic and Mono models. 40001-2010Parts


Misplaced the cables and connectors for your older Solio?

Has the battery on your Solio finally cycled-out after 5 years in-service? This replacement parts kit will help you to restore use to your older model Solio Classic or Mono. Power electronics using micro USB, mini USB —or— use the included female USB connector and your own USB cable to make charging connections with Apple iPod and iPhone.

Parts Included

  • Charge-out cable (which accepts Solio “charging connectors”)
  • Universal USB charging connector *( Use your own Apple Lightning or 30-pin cable
  • Mini USB charging connector
  • Micro USB charging connector
  • Charge-in cable (which allows you to charge your Solio from a USB power source
  • Replacement battery (with a link to an easy to follow instructional video)

*VERY IMPORTANT! This kit may not work flawlessly for iPhone5, iPhone 6 and newer iPad -- all of which use the Apple Lightning cable. It is important to use Authentic Apple cables. — OEM cables report "this accessory may not be supported" error)

Not Sure which Solio you own?

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Want to see how easy it is to replace the Solio battery?

Making The Connection:

If you aren’t exactly sure how to connect an adapter tip to your USB-powered device, watch this quick video to see how easily it's done.