SOLIO Missed connection(s)
Replacement parts for discontinued models of the original Solio Rocsta & H1000 models - 40004-2010Parts


Misplaced the cables and connectors for your Solio Rocsta or H1000?

Has the battery on your Solio Rocsta/ H1000 finally cycled-out after years in-service? This replacement parts kit will help you to restore use to your  Solio Rocsta or H1000. Power electronics using micro USB, mini USB, or the Apple charging cables using the Solio female USB connector. Work with H1000 Grey, Rocsta Green, and Rocsta Yellow. Does not work with Rocst-i versions.

Parts Included

  • Solio Mini USB charging connector
  • Solio Micro USB charging connector
  • Solio Female USB (for used with authentic Apple Cables) 
  • Charge-in cable (which allows you to charge your Rocsta or H1000 from a USB power source
  • Replacement battery 
  • Upgrade discount offer. With this kit you'll receive a discount code redeemable for a modern Solio charger product. (Our latest models, BOLT, Xcellerator + Hub, and Classic2 do not require special cables or connections. You will simply use the USB cable that came with the device you want to power).

*VERY IMPORTANT! This kit does not support Rocsta-i models-- all of which use the iGo tip system discontinued by iGo in 2010.  

* ALSO IMPORTANT!  Keep in mind that the H1000 and Rocsta have only 1000 mAh of battery capacity. Modern electronics like Smartphone begin with 1440 mAh sized batteries. Expect a "top off" only from your Rocsta or H1000. 

Not Sure which Solio you own?

Take a look at the list of all our current and past products on our Support page found here >

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