SOLIO X+4000 Power and Light Kit


No Power? No Problem!

No matter where you live or work, energy emergencies will happen without warning.

About the Kit:

  • Two HUB battery packs (2000 mAh capacity each)  battery banks 
  • One Xcellerator Solar Panel
  • Alva USB-powered LED light
  • “Energy First Aid” Canvas Tote 15" (W) x 16" (H)
  • Item Number S1826-AJ1RW-KIT
The Solio X+4000 (Xcellarator Solar Panel + dual HUB Battery Packs) may be charged from sunlight or with a USB charger and it holds power for up to a year. The X+4000  easily charges smartphones, tablets, e-readers and other USB gear. The included ALVA light is directly powered by the X+4000  for up to 18 hours of warm ambient light. The imprinted “Energy First Aid” tote makes it easy to store the charger and light together and be prepared for power failure in your home, school, or office.

Picture this.

It's a dark and stormy night. Dinner is over. It is finally time to put the kids to bed. Boom! The lights go out. What happens next?
  1. Big tears because there is no way to read Knuffle Bunny?
  2. Screaming because ”you know I can't sleep with the light off Papa!"
  3. Grumbling and whining because there is no way to watch Frozen with a dead iPad.

No problem.

Grab your Solio Power and Light Kit; turn on the light, top off that iPad, and continue your evening routine. Be sure to remember to brush your back teeth. If the power outage lasts for another day you can use solar energy to capture more power on your way to the Prepared Parent of the Year award.

Battery Pack + Solar Charger - Solio

At 4.8 ounces this palm-sized device is maximum portability meets reliable off-grid power.
Discontinued November 2017

Alva - USB Powered Lamp - Solio

Designed for efficiency with Solio Battery Packs + Solar Chargers.