Battery Pack + Solar Charger


Rapid Charging

We wish that every day was sunny. Many days are cloudy and some locations for solar charging are shaded from direct sunlight for part of the day. The Xcellerator solar panel is designed to deliver a rapid charge to any Solio battery even in low light conditions.

The Xcellerator comes with a 2000-mAh HUB battery pack with dual-charging modes for both Apple "iDevices" like iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPad Air or for standard USB powered devices which use the micro-USB connection like the Samsung Galaxy S5. Since you might be headed off-grid you can power your Suunto GPS watch, GoPro camera, Petzl RXP headlamp or SteriPen Ultra water purifier from your Solio Xcellerator + Hub kit. Leave that hardcover of War and Peace at home and power up your Kindle e-reader with a Solio.

The HUB  battery pack that includes all of the ease of use features of the Solio BOLT and CLASSIC2. Some users will like that for everyday use, the XCELLERATOR solar panel may be left behind while the lightweight HUB battery pack easily fits into a pocket.

Kickstand for energy capture

The ingenious design of the XCELLERATOR includes a kickstand that can act as central pivot point to make it possible to track the sun like a sundial. Simply point the XCELLERATOR solar panels towards the sun and rotate the panels into a vector towards angle of the sun. Adjust the position of the solar panel throughout the day to track the sun as it moves through the sky and to avoid shadows that might be casted by trees, the corner of a building, a canyon wall, etc.

Simple fast charging

The HUB 1 Amp USB output charges target devices at the same rate as a typical wall charger. Popular smartphones go from empty to full in about 90 minutes. Since most devices these days charge by USB, it's simple to Plug Into the Sun™.

One button does it all

The Solio HUB has a single LED push button. When the HUB is capturing energy, the LED button lights up RED. Push the button one time and the HUB flashes slowly 1 to 5 times to indicate battery level. Next the LED begins to flash rapidly to indicate power output. Depress the button one more time to turn off the power.

Charge when the sun goes down

When the sun goes down, the HUB battery can be re-charged via the micro-USB port. From USB power, the 2000mAh battery charges in 4.5 hours.

Separate the pieces for travel

When the XCELLERATOR+ HUB are not capturing sun, they can be separated into two pieces that slide easily into a backpack or messenger bag for travel. While the XCELLERATOR is a thin design that will tuck away in places that store a tablet or e-reader, the HUB is a compact package that fits in the palm of your hand. At only 3.2 ounces the HUB can be separated from the XCELLERATOR solar panel and go with you everywhere and everyday to provide the battery back up for a multitude of small electronics while on the go.

Rapid Response

At Solio we use a minimum 17.5% efficiency solar cells, and while we have designed our products to charge completely from one-day exposure to direct sunlight this is not always possible due to clouds and other shading. Xcellerator panels are designed to be plugged into the micro-USB ports of any Solio product to accelerate the pace of charge. The Xcellerator is particularly useful for cloudy days when the power of the sun is diminished and solar charging happens more slowly.
  • Charge-In: Micro-USB
  • Charge-Out: USB
  • Charge-Out: USB
  • Max Wattage: 5 Watts
  • Discharge Rate: Fixed 5V, 1,000mAh
  • Charge input Rate: 5-5.5V 450mAh
  • Charge input time via USB port/wall charger: 4 hours 30 min
  • Charge input time via direct sunlight: 4-6 hours
  • 3.7V/2000mAh Li-Poly good for 500 cycles
  • User replaceable at end of life
  • Hub: L 3.5in (8.9cm) x W 3.5in. (8.9cm) x H 1in (2.5cm) - 3.2 oz. (92 g)
  • Xcellerator: L 8.5 in (21.6 cm) . x W 5.5 in. (14cm) x H .35 in. (0.9cm) - 6. 3 oz. (178g)
  • Retail Box: L 9in (227cm) x W 5.75in (14.5cm) x H 1.5in. (3.5cm) - 12.8 oz. (363 g)
Comes with:
  • XCELLERATOR solar panel
  • HUB battery pack
  • Micro-USB to USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Item number: S1423-AF1RW


While a full sized USB port is built into the XCELLERATOR this port is intended to power Solio products -- all of which contain a high-temperature Li-Poly battery engineered for the heat and intermittent power inputs of solar charging.

While competitors promote plugging your expensive electronics directly into a solar panel for direct USB charge, at Solio our method is to always puts a smart battery between the sun and your electronics.

Our unique designs capture the sun’s energy to a battery designed explicitly for the extreme conditions of solar charging. The battery then delivers a consistent and safe output to the mobile electronics you want to charge.

We feel valuable mobile electronics should never be left unattended outside in the elements. Modern electronics are not built to take the high-heat of solar charging and will often go into “protection mode” when left in the sun (see the iPhone photo above) . Additionally, attaching a solar charger directly to these electronics exposes them drop outs in voltage - which may prove harmful to the longevity of the devices. Finally, damage from rain or exposure to theft just make exposing electronics while direct solar charging a bad idea.


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