Powered by Solio
USB-powered outdoor gear just makes sense. Why use expensive single-use batteries when you could recharge your gear for free without throwing away batteries after every trip? Your smartphone, tablet, e-reader and camera are all USB-rechargeable so shouldn’t your headlamp, lantern, and water purifier also be rechargeable?
ALL CLEAR  -  CamelBak - 792345
All Clear™ - Water Purifier - CamelBak

UV purification that turns any tap or clear natural water into potable drinking water. All from a convenient water bottle.
SPOT Gen3 372557

The SPOT GEN3 is a beacon that sends your GPS location at the push of a button. It may be direct-line-powered by Solio.

Alva - USB Powered Lamp - Solio

Designed for efficiency with Solio Battery Packs + Solar Chargers.
Available to Ship Aug 20, 2017
354258 Remix
Remix Rechargeable - Headlamp - P-TEC 

Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, rear mounted for balance. Rear flasher increases visibility for running or cycling.  A battery power meter shows charge status at a glance. A micro-USB port allows for charging from Solio solar charger.
Tetra 118381 closed
TETRA™ - Lantern - UCO

The UCO TETRA™ is a lantern, flashlight, and charger all-in-one!. It can charge your electronics and be powered by Solio.