Solio Products
We are single-minded about lightweight, minimalist solar battery gear that fits into your pack unnoticeably. Since 2001, we have designed for the best combination of solar panel and smart battery. Our lighting products are designed for battery efficiency and long run times. Our solar chargers have optimized discharging modes for Android devices and the exact protocol for charging Apple® “i-Devices” the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Missed connection(s) - Solio

Replacement parts for discontinued models of the original Solio Classic and Mono models.

Alva - USB Powered Lamp - Solio

Designed for efficiency with Solio Battery Packs + Solar Chargers.

Battery Pack + Solar Charger - Solio

Maximum solar capture and minimum weight! The large solar surface means fast charge times with daylight to spare.

Solar Charger + Dual Battery Packs - Solio

One in the Sun. One on the Run! Take one HUB power bank with you on-the-go and leave the other connected to the X solar panel charging in the sun.

Battery Pack + Solar Charger - Solio

More power for more devices! With the most stored power per ounce, this Solio is small but powerful.
Discontinued August 2017
Solio_hub_S143-AJ1RW ports open.jpg

HUB - 2000 mAh - Battery Pack - Solio

The HUB is small and compact for everyday use but ready for solar charging with a unique Solio SolarSmart™ electronics design.
Microfiber Bag SM

Microfiber Bag - Solio

A drawstring bag that protects and polishes your Solio BOLT, CLASSIC2, or CLIP-MINI.

Power and Light Kit - Solio

Lighting and USB-charging for home, school, or office emergency preparedness.

USB or Solar Rechargeable Light - Solio

Offers both white and red light. Never buy single use batteries again.

Battery Pack + Solar Charger - Solio

At 4.8 ounces this palm-sized device is maximum portability meets reliable off-grid power.
Discontinued November 2017